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2 and a half years

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Sitting in boring MGG150. Didn’t know syllabus was done alr, so I drove all the way to school for a soapbox?!

Anyway, it’s April 15th and in less than one week’s time, I’ll be officially done with school. Can you believe it? 2 and a half years flew past just like that. *snap* Am I satisfied with my results? Could it have been better? If I had the opportunity to re-do these 2 and a half years, would I have done it any differently?

Been thinking about these questions since Jan. Would I have done it any differently? So many things I’ve been thinking about since mid-sem, trying to hold back time but it just seems to fly even faster. Getting my license, buying a car, moving house , 6 mods and graduation – All within 4 months. Overachiever? Maybe.

Giving myself 2 more days to R&R before I “embark” on a new phase in life. Can’t wait for 18th May, can’t wait for that getaway with Justin.


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April 15, 2011 at 13:14

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Bingo Boy

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My favourite w a ribbon!

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April 4, 2011 at 02:38

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(3weeks ago but it’s never too late to share the exciting news)



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March 28, 2011 at 00:05

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1st Week of Jan 2011

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How was the 1st week of Jan 2011 for you?

I spent my 1st 2 days in bed cux of a really bad flu 😦 So thankful I’m all better now, cux in a few hours we’re heading to Taiwan! So psyched about this short trip together. Guess it’ll be the last serious quality time I’m gna have with him for a long long while, since he’s going to be starting school on 10th.

Met up with Cherri and Trissy for a New Year brunch at Food For Thought!

The pretty Christmas tree made it feel like was more of a Christmas brunch 🙂 Wanted to take more pictures but my camera died! Food was decent. Thought the mushroom risotto at Jones’ slightly better.

2011 is definitely off to a good start (Y)

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January 6, 2011 at 00:41

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Starting Again

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Here I am, sitting in front of a screen trying very hard to put my thoughts down in a blogpost again. After a hiatus of more than 1year, the words don’t seem to come easy to me anymore. I’m determined to keep this space alive and it’ll serve as a reminder for me to count my blessings when I look back.

Can’t believe 2010’s coming to an end in less than 4hours! 2010 wasn’t exactly smooth sailing for me, but I did accomplish a series of things I set myself to achieve through the year.

2010 for me:

1. BTT & FTT. Taking my FTT was drama! Forgetting to bring my IC (got into a squabble with the tester), missing by 1 point. Well, you know what they say. 3rd time’s a charm 🙂

2. Had a superb 21st birthday party. All thanks to Dad & Mom ❤

3. Impulse decision to change my hair color and I’m loving it! I’m thinking of doing soft curls for 2011.

4. SATC bond with Aretha, Cherri, Ester and Shermin. Bestest girlfriends anyone could ever ask for. All 5 of us click so well, know and understand each other so much that it’s crazy. Everytime after a night out with them I always, always feel very blessed. Thankyou for blessing me with these girls ❤

5. Well, for Justin&I, 2010 saw us having few problems now that he’s back to school but we’re still going on strong. 5years 4months and counting, I really can’t ask for more.

I’m gna make 2011 the best 🙂 Be satisfied w wt I have. Things will eventually work out.

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December 31, 2010 at 22:27

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